December 25, 2005

Thank you...

Merry Christmas and a big thanks to all those who stand on Freedom's Wall, keeping us safe at home and guarding the world's peace...
Capt. Elizabeth Kmiecik, nurse. Pakistan earthquake Sgt Richard Wightman III, 80th Division, with children in Taji, Iraq

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld serves Christmas dinner in Mosul
[Pictures: Sgt Richard Wightman III, from the 80th Division, with children in Tamil, Iraq.
Capt. Elizabeth Kmiecik, a nurse from the 212th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, with earthquake victim in Pakistan.
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld serves fake Christmas dinner to soldiers in Mosul, Iraq, December 24 (thanks to Gateway Pundit)

MY soul, there is a country
  Far beyond the stars,
Where stands a wing�d sentry
  All skilful in the wars:

There, above noise and danger,
  Sweet Peace sits crown'd with smiles,
And One born in a manger
  Commands the beauteous files.....
    ---Henry Vaughn
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