December 14, 2005

The History Train's moving...

Here's an awesome thread of pictures of early voters in the Iraq elections...This is what "anti-war" activists are really against. (Thanks to Hugh)

Iraqi soldiers celebrate vote
Iraqi soldiers have to vote early, for obvious reasons...

Here's an article on Iraqis in America voting yesterday, sent by Mike Plaiss...

....While Bush has seen his support sag in the U.S. over prolonged U.S. engagement in the Mideast nation, Iraqi voters, thankful for the overthrow of Hussein, praised him today.

"I love President Bush. I have his picture hanging in the door,'' Salim said. "Believe me, I can say about 3 million or 4 million Kurds, everybody loves Bush,'" he said, noting the thousands of Kurds killed by the Iraqi regime in a 1988 chemical attack in Halabja.

Kirmange Abdulqadir, 26, drove people two hours from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to vote. He predicted a higher turnout than previous elections since this election is for a permanent assembly.

Fadhel al-Sahlani, a Shiite Muslim originally from Basra who now lives in New York, said today's election was a dream come true. "It was a dream and thanks God that this dream became a reality. And we are happy and proud that the Iraqis are heading in the right direction,'" Sahlani said. ...

The Freedom Train's moving; it's not going to be stopped. Iraqi democracy, and democracy in other Middle East countries, will make lots of horrid blunders, and be far from perfect. And our "Democrats" will salivate over every mistake, and ignore every success, but it doesn't matter. "Power to the people" is an unquenchable idea, and though leftists and terrorists hate it above all else, they won't stop it over the long run.

Here's something I quoted once before: Greyhawk writes:

What I've told troops confronted with "protest" is a bit more simple: "America is with you. As far as the protestors, don't sweat it. You're making history; they're making noise.

Look at any of the great deeds of history, look close, and you will see muddle and confusion, mixed motives and mistakes. It doesn't matter. It's always that way, LIFE is that way. Washington, Lincoln, Truman, FDR, Reagan, Churchill...all are counted as liberators, and any of them can be made to look horrible under the historical microscope.

But we remember them as the greatest of their generation, and nobody remembers the Copperheads.

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