December 10, 2005


Andrea writes:

Something I didn’t know about the massacre in Montreal that happened back in 1989 ....when the killer told the men in the classroom to leave, they all obeyed, leaving their female classmates to their fate. They obeyed the man with the gun, just like good little brainwashed citizens of Oceania.

Canada is the country America-hating leftists are always citing as a paragon of peace and tolerance and an example that the US should follow. We can return to paradise: all we have to do is become spineless programmable jellyfish unable to protect ourselves or others weaker than ourselves, and every once in a while we have to
sacrifice a few of the weak ones, that’s all.

Leftists not only want America to become Canada, they want us to become exactly like those stupid sheep who let themselves be slaughtered. It's not a bug, you understand, it's a feature. The endless push for gun banning is part of the same plan--it has nothing to do with stopping crime; the aim is to produce sheep.

I was recently considered for inclusion on a jury, in a shooting (wounding, not murder) case. I was on the first batch of 20 being questioned, and one of the sensitive topics being probed was firearms. And what really made me want to puke were two women on the panel, vague mewling creatures who kept repeating that they just couldn't understand how anyone could want to have anything to do with guns. The defense counsel would probe them, with questions like, "Do you think this would make it impossible for you to decide fairly?" But they were incapable of rising to that level of rationality; they would duck their heads and answer, "I just can't...understand...I grew up in Berkeley, I's just...I just can't understand how anyone could....could...guns..."

Jesus wept...and went back to the drawing board.

Posted by John Weidner at December 10, 2005 5:13 PM
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