December 6, 2005

I think this means were at the "mopping up" stage

AP, WASHINGTON -- Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, likened the war in Iraq to Vietnam yesterday and said, ''The idea that the United States is going to win the war in Iraq is just plain wrong,"...(Thanks to Hugh)

Ha ha. Life is frustrating, but there are moments, oh yes. This is better than when RW Apple said that Afghanistan was a "quagmire! (A week after we started!)"

Actually our Iraq Campaign had multiple reasons (not all of which could be articulated in this limp-wristed age) and so it can have multiple "wins." Let's see how we are doing...

√ Transform WoT; make terrorists react to OUR moves, not vice versa.
√ End dangerous perception that Americans won't take casualties.
√ Destroy one terror-supporting tyrant, to wake-up the others.
√ Force the terrorists to stand and fight, by seizing part of the Arab Heartland.
√ End Saddam's internal war against his own people. (Which was so hideous a war you'd think even pacifists might be glad it was stopped--but you would be wrong.)
√ Eliminate future danger from Saddam's WMD's.
    Bring Democracy to Iraq, to create an anti-terrorist ally in the ME [On track]
    Bring Democracy to Iraq, to begin a wave of transformation in the ME [On track]
√ Uncover the Oil-for-Food scandal (Unanticipated, but very important)
√ Position our forces adjacent to certain terror-supporting countries; Syria, Iran, Arabia...
√ Restore national honor.
√ Expose Leftist pretenses of being "anti-fascist" and "pro-democracy" for the vile shams that they are.

Not too shabby. I could add more, but this seems to hit most of the high points...

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