November 14, 2005

Gotta go with the crowd...

Edwards joins politicians who “regret” war in Iraq

No doubt he...

Regrets the ending of Saddam's war against his own nation--what business is it of ours how he deals with "his people?"
Regrets that tens-of-thousands of Iraqis are not being tortured and murdered each year. (And we are talking real torture, not Democrat-talking-points torture.)

Regrets that Syria is now surrounded by countries friendly to the United States.
Regrets that Iran is now surrounded by countries friendly to the Great Satan.

Regrets that all those mass-graves are being dug up, that should have been forgot.

Regrets that Iraq's economy is growing strongly, and instead of starving children, Iraq is a place where Iranians come for jobs and shopping sprees...
Regrets that the idea of democracy is catching on in the region, partly because of Iraqis voting. (Including Iraqis living in places like Syria and Egypt.)
Regrets freedom.
Regrets honor, courage and selflessness mobilized to build a better world.

Regrets this:

Australian Iraqi voters in Sidney
Overseas Iraqis voting

Has a vague regretful though, that once again Republicans are standing firm in defense of freedom and our nation's honor, while no Democrat President has done so in living memory.
Has a vague regretful feeling that he too ought to have some principle or belief that he would stick to even in the face of criticism. But nothing pops into mind.

Probably regrets that he didn't get some oil-for-food money like our "allies," to help him understand sooner the importance of keeping Saddam in power.

And one gathers he feels...
NO regret that he is now giving encouragement to the terrorists we are fighting, and to tyrants everywhere.
NO regret that he is now giving terrorists more reason to kill Americans and Iraqis.
NO regret that he voted to send Americans into battle, and now stands aside and sneers, because it's the fad of the moment to do so.

Truth is, Edwards a slimy little shyster whose only regret is that his politically expedient vote back then now has him in hot water with the crazies who control the Democratic nominations. Neither then nor now were any principles involved, because he doesn't have any. He'd vote against Oxygen if the polls told him to.

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