November 13, 2005

An underestimated virtue

DJ Drummond writes, to a disaffected conservative...

....I understand that you would like a grand gesture from Dubs, but remember - the "show on demand" President was Clinton. Dubya does things because he is doing the job. What he said on the rubble in New York was unscripted, and he meant every syllable of what he said. That's what made the difference. George W. Bush, whatever you think of his elocution, never says something unless he means it, and he is not one to grandstand, even when Conservatives think that will help.

What I am saying is this - the George W. Bush we have now, is exactly the one we have always had. He's maddening at times, because he will not say what you want him to say, and he will not make a gesture just for points. The same George W. Bush who annoyed Conservatives by not threatening China in the plane collision incident in 2001, was the same President who had no trouble sending troops into Afghanistan and Iraq. The same Dubya who nominated Harriet Miers to the United States Supreme Court also nominated Samuel Alito and John Roberts, and for the same reason in each case; he honestly believed in his nominee, and thought they were the right choice.

The same Dubya who refused to get outraged at the slander from Kerry'ss campaign last year, also refused to fire or punish Cheney, Rumsfeld, or any other Administration member who was attacked simply for doing their job well. The man is who he is, and on the whole we are truly blessed to have him at the helm, a man unwilling to panic or be sweet-talked, and a man whose perspective goes a bit further than any other politician on the horizon right now....

Steadiness is a virtue that is sadly underestimated by clever and impatient people. It is because Bush hasn't yielded to wrongful attacks on his top lieutenants, that he was able to drop Michael Brown and drop the Miers nomination without taking a lot of political damage. It is because he kept cool during the China incident and solved it through diplomacy and compromise that he could later go to war without anyone (among serious people) suspecting that he just felt a political need to "look tough." And it will be because Bush has been steady through tough times in Iraq, that he will in future have the option to compromise or yield or even look weak if it will help solve other problems.

And of course steadiness in Iraq has given us enormous diplomatic credibility. We are in a much better position to solve other problems peacefully now. It is evidence of how phony and unserious the "anti-war" activists are, that they have no interest in preserving America's credibility in negotiation. Or even acknowledging that such a thing might be important

(And by the way, my recent post about Donald Rumsfeld in Germany gives us a clear look at how phony and unserious are the people who are always complaining that Bush should defer more to our "allies." Here's Rumsfeld practically begging the Europeans to take the lead in an international crisis. So do any of those people give him some support or praise? Of course not, the frauds.)

Posted by John Weidner at November 13, 2005 5:36 PM
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