November 9, 2005


I'm too disgusted to blog about the elections of California and San Francisco.

Bill writes:

...This does, however, sort of underline my theory that one of the attractions of liberal statism to the liberal voter is that it avoids the need to ever, ever make a decision. Just leave it to the permanent ruling class of gerrymandered liberal legislators...

I think the stupefying deluge of union+entrenched-politician political advertising we've just endured achieved its goal. Which was not to persuade, but to just make the "voters" throw up their hands and vote NO on everything, rather than endure the pain of actually thinking and making decisions. Too often I meet ordinary folks, who are just bewildered that I actually care about all this stuff..

And hey, guess what. There may be a strike at the SF public schools tomorrow. Funny timing that.

Charlene reminds me about Reagan firing every PATCO striker. One of the few bright moments in a ghastly situation...

Posted by John Weidner at November 9, 2005 10:05 PM
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