November 6, 2005

Hit the Jews first

The insurrection continues to grow in France. Everything us evil fascist conservatives predicted seems to be happening. One of the predictors has been Mark Steyn, who has another good piece: Wake up, Europe, you've a war on your hands,...

...For half a decade, French Arabs have been carrying on a low-level intifada against synagogues, kosher butchers, Jewish schools, etc. The concern of the political class has been to prevent the spread of these attacks to targets of more, ah, general interest. They seem to have lost that battle...(my emphasis).

Jews are always the first target. They are attacked to test the defenses.

And we have exactly the same tendencies here, though I don't think we will let them get too far. You can see it at any "anti-war" demonstration. There is always lots of stuff about Palestinians, and many people wearing kaffiyas. Don't be fooled into thinking those people actually give a damn about Palestinians; whenever Arab countries mistreat Palestinians nobody makes a peep. The fake "pro-Palestinian" pose is just a cute way to express anti-semitism.

And both in France and here, as usual, Jews try to pretend it's not happening. American Jews continue to vote Democrat, even as the party falls more and more into the hands of the sort of people who think secret conspiracies of Jews neocons are running the country for the benefit of Ariel Sharon. The kind of people who would NOT be stalwart in defending Jews.

Imagine that "youths" of a certain unmentioned ethnicity start testing our defenses, maybe by defacing Jewish cemeteries, or breaking the windows of kosher butchers. (Or spreading lies about Palestinian baby's blood being used to make matzos, as happened a few years ago at SF State Univ.) Can't you just picture a President Kerry or a President Gore going all multi-culti, and saying that we have to understand their grievances? That we have to fight the "white racism" that is the cause of their discontent? Can't you see them pressuring Israel to make concessions in the "peace process," in order to address the cause of Arab unrest? I sure can.

Fortunately, America seems to generate more antibodies to fight these kinds of things than other countries. There are many fascinating reasons for this. One of them is that we are not centralized. Elites in New York or Washington DC can not impose their ideas on the rest of the country, and new ideas and movements are constantly bubbling up in unlikely places. This means we are not brittle, like France. The French government is now paralyzed, much like we were in the Carter years. But no Reagan, no conservative movement will take root and grow in the provinces of France, which, by tradition have little freedom and are given little responsibility...

Posted by John Weidner at November 6, 2005 10:13 AM
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