November 5, 2005

asking for trouble...

John Derbyshire posts in The Corner:

An acquaintance of mine -- French, currently resident in North Africa -- sent a long post about the French riots to an email group I belong to. It is a fascinating post, but much too long to paste here. I did think, though, that the following passage would interest NRO readers, so with his permission, I pass it on.

It is from a passage headed: "Why an Intifada in France?" It is among a long list of reasons given as answers to the question.
"The Iraq war: as I had noticed very strongly in Tunisia a little more than 2 years ago, the opposition of France to intervention in Iraq has been perceived as a sign of weakness, and French are since considered as Dhimmis. The change of attitude from Arabs against French has been dramatic: now I know problems of security in Tunisia, and even in the French planes to go and come from there, and in Nice (French Riviera) Airport! This opposition, probably motivated by the money earned in Oil For Terror program and by threats from Saudi Arabia and Iran, has marked the end of France as a Western country (whatever one thinks about the Iraq war per se!)."...
This makes a lot of sense. Muggers don't attack those they think are strong, and are likely to fight back. They go for whoever communicates, with subtle signs, with body language, that they are weak, that they will flinch. (This is something that's been researched, see below) Same with mass-shootings; you never hear of some postal type walking into a police station and opening fire.

Terrorists and Islamo-fascists are the same as muggers. They attack those who communicate weakness. Osama openly said that he thought America didn't have the stomach for a fight, because we ran away from trouble in Somalia and Beruit and the Iran hostage crisis and Vietnam. Pacifism causes wars. Reluctance to fight gets you into fights. Now they've learned better, thanks to President Bush, and trouble is going to be striking elsewhere than America. I think there hasn't been another 9/11, not because it is impossible, but because the first one didn't yield the expected results. (And yes, I know we are still being attacked in Iraq. But that's the strategic genius of the Iraq Campaign; we have forced them to attack us where we are strong, by invading the Arab heartland. That's our game plan, not theirs.)

France has been sucking up to Islamic evil (Arafat, Saddam) for decades, and openly hoping it would keep them out of trouble. They think betraying their allies and their own civilization is going to make Muslims like them. Leave them alone. Ha. The exact opposite is true.

About the muggers. I once read a fascinating article about a research project in which they showed films of people walking on urban streets, to both muggers (in prison) and to experienced beat cops. And both groups picked out the same people, and said they were the ones who would most likely be mugged, though they could not articulate how they knew. The researchers found that it was the way the people walked. They all had an odd stride where the heel brushed the ground as each foot was moving forward.

And the funny thing was, at the time I read the article I knew somebody who walked like that. And he got knocked down and had his jacket taken in broad daylight near Market Street! And since then I have a few times seen other people who walk the same way, and they are always somehow lacking in confidence and self-possession. I've even noticed in myself a certain urge to bully them...

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