November 5, 2005

Wrong lessons taught.

Since you are blog readers, and not dependent on the Gasping Media, you probably already know that there is now also rioting in Denmark. Not surprising.

There are various pathologies colliding in the Muslim ghettos of Europe. One of them that's on much my mind right now, is the "liberal" idea that enforcing law and order is something that harms minorities and the poor. In fact, the opposite is true. It is the poor who are most vulnerable to crime and to all forms of terrorism, and who need order enforced in their communities if they are to have any hope of escaping poverty.

We have the same pernicious idea here, though nothing near as extreme. One example is the way rioters in black communities have often been allowed to run amok, while liberals in authority wring their hands and ooze white-guilt from their pores. The result is the blighting of the black community, the destruction of black-owned businesses and homes...and many lives lost. Many more than would have been lost if the police had aborted the riot by shooting the first rioters to appear. (NOTE: This is not something to be done in a spirit of punishment or even cost-benefit analysis. It is a mercy. Christian charity requires fighting against evil. I quoted something applicable in earlier in this post)

And even worse than the lives lost is the evil spiritual lesson conveyed, perhaps to millions of people. The lesson that hard work and honesty and sobriety are not valued by the state. The lesson that arson and robbery and rape will be winked at by the authorities if you wrap yourself in victim-rags, and mug for the TV cameras. The lesson that "liberal" authorities consider blacks to be children, incapable of living up to the standards they would expect from other races. These are lessons that will continue to kill people and destroy lives far into the future. When you hear of gang shootings today, remember that these stem in a large part from many bad lessons taught long ago, such as the lesson that looting and arson are no big deal.

And there is another point on this topic. The truth is that a timely violence can often prevent other riots or crimes in the future. And the lack of it can cause future riots. (A fact which the simpletons who claim to be pacifists deliberately ignore.) Suppose that in the first hour of the long-ago Watts Riots, the police had gunned-down rioters ruthlessly. The lives lost would have been less than the toll from letting the riots rage. But more important, future riots could likely have been stopped by the mere threat of force. Stopped without violence, as long as the police and the government kept the credibility they had won by one threat carried through with instant deadly force.

(Of course the same thing applies in the realm of nations. If we had ruthlessly applied our power a couple of decades ago, the WoT could have been aborted by the killing of a few hundred people. In the same way, the Bush Administration, by refusing to flinch in the face of terrorist attacks, is preventing future wars, wars that would probably be far worse. When you see a "pacifist" or an 'antiwar" activist, you are seeing a murderer, and in the aggregate they are killers far worse than Pol Pot or Stalin. The real man of peace in our time is George W Bush.)

When you read about the Muslim Banlieu, you always read that the police don't patrol there. This is a staggering dereliction of duty. When an advanced country accepts immigrants from a more primitive land, it has a duty to bring them into its culture and see that they do not go astray. It is in loco parentis.

America is much better at this than most places, but we are worse than we used to be. Our schools used to thoroughly propagandize children on patriotism and free enterprise and the American dream and the triumphs and sacrifices of our ancestors. These are the lessons immigrants need to be taught clearly and unambiguously (they can learn the subtleties later). Much of that has been destroyed by the "liberals" who run our schools, and who want people to be weak and atomized, to make them easy victims of state control. Liberalism kills!

(By the way, meeting Muslim rioters with appeasement is not unknown in this country. See here and here.)

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