November 4, 2005

Train-wreck happening...

Hugh Hewitt has an great interview with Mark Steyn, mostly on the rioting in Paris...

...HH: Mark Steyn, how do you account for the indifference or ignorance of the mainstream media in America?

MS: Well, I think this is now basically becoming a willful effort at misleading. It's not just the United States. Other countries, too, are reporting this as their youths, or their French youth. And it isn't until you get thirteen paragraphs into the story, and they're quoting one of these youths, and you realize he's called Mohammed, that it occurs to you that there might be an ethno-cultural religious component to this situation. And this is absolutely grotesque, because the one...I'm sometimes accused of being terribly pessimistic when I speak in North America. And I always tell Americans and Canadians, that the one great advantage people have, you know, everything may...there may be a lot of bad news in the world, but the one advantage North Americans have, is that Europe is ahead of you in the line. And you have to learn what's happening....

There is an obvious effort to mislead. (see also this post, by Dafyyd.) Why? Think of these groups:

Mainstream media
Democrat Party
"Blue State" America
European governing elites
"Anti-war" activists
Almost all academics, "artists," and intellectuals.

They all share a common ideology, though one that's so inchoate that it 's hard to define clearly. But it is congruent with terms like multiculturalism, secular rationalism, pluralism, open society... And "Old Europe" is the laboratory where those ideas have been most thoroughly put into practice. And the Old Media is burying this story, and a thousand other stories, because they dare not admit, especially to themselves, how utterly their policies have failed.

Conservatives have been arguing for decades that those ideas are disastrous folly, and will lead the societies that practice them over a cliff. And one of the predicted flash-points is the unassimilated Muslim populations in Europe. They are a danger point because several of Europe's pathologies combine in affecting one group.

By choosing security and stability over the changes that free enterprise and globalization bring, Western European states have created an economic stagnation that means that most of those Muslim immigrants don't have jobs or a future, or any economic stake in society.

And by destroying Christianity and Judaism, and losing faith in their own civilization, they have created a terrible moral vacuum in which Islamic pathologies can grow. The bitter irony ofthe endless assaults we see on Christianity and Christmas, and those shit-stupid complaints that "Christian fundamentalism is the great danger to us," is that these assaults are destroying Muslims first of all.

Quoting Mark Steyn again:

....They're [the Parisian suburbs where Muslim immigrants live] miserable places. But what was interesting to me is that after that, I then flew on to the Middle East, and I was in Yemen, and a couple of other places. And what was interesting to me was that I found more menace in the suburbs of Paris than I did in some pretty scary places in the Middle East. I mean, there is a real...this, I think, is the start of a long Eurabian civil war we're witnessing here...

It is, I think, a war we are seeing. And in war, the most important thing is not having numbers, or the best weapons, it is believing in your cause and being willing to fight for it. I predict that the war will not go well for traditional Europe.

War will happen exactly because they don't want to fight. They have embraced the evil doctrine of pacifism, and the result, as always, will be war. Bloody war.

Let make some predictions, so as to "put my money where my mouth is." (Any "pacifists" and leftiests out there care to make a counter-prediction. I predict that the future of Iraq and Afghanistan, and other countries where we are pushing the ideas of freedom and democracy with armed force and diplomatic pressure, will be increasingly prosperous and democratic. And the future of Old Europe, and of all the places where "war never solved anything" is an accepted idea, will be exactly the opposite.

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