October 29, 2005

If we lead, then others will follow...

In another WoT update, (from a few weeks back, which I missed) TM Lutas links to this StrategyPage report:

October 7, 2005: Arab troops are joining in the war on terror. Aside from conducting operations on their own soil (essentially “regime protection” missions), there are indications that some Arab countries have done more than just verbally support U.S., NATO, and Coalition forces. Apparently small contingents of special operations (commandoes) personnel (usually platoons or companies of 50 –150 troops) from a number of Arab states, have seen action in Afghanistan and Iraq, and perhaps elsewhere. In addition, a number of Arab countries have contributed troops and technical personnel to support the training of Iraqi military and security forces, and some have even opened their own military training camps to Iraqi personnel.

These activities benefit the countries involved in a number of ways. For one thing, they cement ties with the US and the emergent governments in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, the commitments provide valuable training and experience for their own armed forces, which may prove useful for domestic internal security purposes.

News about these activities is not being widely disseminated, mainly because public opinion in many Arab countries is still pro-terrorist.

You could kind of look at this as "insider trading." People in the know are picking up shares in COALITION and selling PRO-TERROR, the global reactionary conglomerate that owns al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and the fake anti-war movement...

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