October 22, 2005

Right wing bloggers tear off own heads, throw them across room

(The title is a joke; if you are in with the in-crowd you will get it...UPDATE: I've been asked to explain the joke. The title is Andrea's, see here. She's the best writer around, but would never stoop to mud-slinging and controversy)

NZ Bear is polling bloggers on the Miers nomination...He writes:

...I will implement some code this weekend to search for the phrases above, and generate a running list of bloggers for, against, and neutral on the nomination. This will be much more interesting than a standard online poll, as it will ensure "one-blog-one-vote", and avoid the usual ballot-stuffing silliness of online surveys...

So, I'll put in my phrase: I support the Miers nomination. (results here.)

Some reasons: (and I may add more later)

  1. She has Executive Branch experience helping fight the War on Terror. Our courts are fronts in the War. Outfits like the ACLU are fighting on the other side, using the courts to hinder our war fighting. Ivory-tower legal-scholar types might fall for their clever clap-trap; Harriet Miers won't.
  2. She has experience defending businesses. She will have little sympathy for the myriad attacks they endure.
  3. She has practical experience as a lawyer. The sort of people George Will favors have probably never filed a lawsuit, or defended against one. There should be at least one chief who has actually been an Injun, and taken some scalps...
  4. I believe in favoritism. An effective leader, like Bush, will accumulate a following of talented people and keep promoting them. That's good. (And labeling that "cronyism" is an egregious misuse of the English language!)
  5. Miers is in sync with the President. I think a lot of the conservative criticism is actually criticism of Bush, not Miers. But I am mostly in agreement with him, so I have no problem with a loyalist nominee.
  6. It's the President's job to choose which battles to fight. He only has the political capital to fight a limited number of them. A lot of the criticism is really about wanting a big fight right now over judges. "I'll hold your coat while you go fight" is what they are saying. Phooey.
  7. The troops who will actually fight are 55 GOP Senators. That David Frum or Jonah G are feeling pugnacious is irrelevant; it is the combativeness of the 55 that matters. If the general doesn't feel his troops are ready for a fight, he may know something!
  8. She's a regular gal. I'm pretty sure she's far more in tune with ordinary Americans, and especially ordinary Republicans, than the whippersnappers at National Review. She IS an ordinary American, which is worth a lot of points to me. (Most people who vote conservative/Republican have never heard of National Review, and wouldn't like it if they encountered it.) I'm with the Beoetians here, and not the clever-Johnny Athenians...

* UPDATE: Don't miss Grenfull Hunt's answer to George Will's column. And also Big Lizard's. I think the phrase "tears off own head, throws across room" was just made for Mr Will's column...

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