October 22, 2005

Time for a whing-ding....

Apparently the leftizoids are planning to PARTY when American deaths in Iraq hit 2,000.

This is filthy in so many ways one is almost at a loss...

But number one, this is a big fat message to the terrorists begging them to kill Americans. And promising them propaganda support as a reward. And since we know that the arhabi are waging a media war, and do things like time attacks to get on the US news broadcasts, we can say that the American Friends Service Committee has just purchased the guaranteed deaths of some of our our soldiers. The next time you see some smoldering wreckage in Baghdad, remember that it was instigated by "pacifists."

And of course the only reason these frauds get to play at being fake-pacifist fake-leftist anti-Americans is that they are protected by the might of the US military. If they were ever grabbed by terrorists and were about to have their heads sawed off, they would sing a different tune. Like, "Why isn't George Bush protecting us? Where's the Marines?"

You only find "pacifists" in parts of the world where they are protected by tough men wielding deadly force. And when the hippie vegetarian Goddess-worshiper hears the chainsaw-murderer sawing into her house late at night, you can bet she calls the police, and feels damn glad when they show up with shotguns in hand. (And are willing to risk their lives to protect her even after they see the "Free Mumia" poster.)

Posted by John Weidner at October 22, 2005 1:58 PM
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