October 17, 2005

Grit, bravery, restraint...

You may have already seen this quote, but GOPVixen just nails it...

...The liberals are upset today. They discovered once again the Iraqi people agree with Bush: That their freedom is worth fighting and dying for. And they proved it by risking death to make a statement. They proved it by creating a remarkable Constitution in ten months -- when it took us years.

The Iraqi people are our allies in the War on Terror. And judging by their grit, restraint in the face of violence for a bigger cause, and bravery, we are lucky to have them.

Sorry, liberals, no Civil War here. Move on. Nothing to see. Maybe elsewhere you can propagandize on behalf of mass murderers to hurt the Bush administration, but not in Iraq. Not in Iraq....

The Iraqi people agree with Bush. And they DISAGREE with liberals, who in a thousand-and-one ways tell us that freedom is NOT worth fighting and dying for. Liberalism is the path to death, to laying down and dying rather than believing in a future worth fighting for.

Liberals and also "realists." I think of the people who keep repeating like a mantra that we should have kept the old Iraqi army in existence. But that army was a corrupt dysfunctional Ba'athist institution. To say that is another way of saying that the hard dangerous job of building freedom and democracy is not worth doing. (It's a mark of their intellectual bankruptcy that they never bother to try to refute the arguments against keeping the old army, but just act as if their position were already agreed upon. Something that will be harder to do as it becomes apparent that the new army is becoming something admirable. Also, the old army had many proud and honorable members even though it was broken as an institution. Where are they? In the new army, many of them, As those who read RJ have heard.)

Posted by John Weidner at October 17, 2005 11:10 AM
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