October 16, 2005

Educational progress...

The appeasers want to stop the WoT, and certain hawks want to go faster, complaining that Bush has betrayed us because Syria and other terror-supporting countries weren't flattened two years ago...Group one is guilty of suicidal folly, and group two is displaying immaturity...Fortunately, neither is running the circus. Syria's turn is coming.

NYT: ....But other officials, who say they got their information in the field or by talking to Special Operations commanders, say that as American efforts to cut off the flow of fighters have intensified, the operations have spilled over the border - sometimes by accident, sometimes by design.

Some current and former officials add that the United States military is considering plans to conduct special operations inside Syria, using small covert teams for cross-border intelligence gathering.

>The broadening military effort along the border has intensified as the Iraqi constitutional referendum scheduled for Saturday approaches, and as frustration mounts in the Bush administration and among senior American commanders over their inability to prevent foreign radical Islamists from engaging in suicide bombings and other deadly terrorist acts inside Iraq....

It's called incrementalism. Slow and steady progress. It's what grownups do.
Times of London....THE Bush Administration has offered Syria’s beleaguered President a “Gaddafi deal” to end his regime’s isolation if Damascus agrees to a long list of painful concessions.

According to senior American and Arab officials, an offer has been relayed to President Assad that could enable him to avoid the looming threat of international sanctions against his country....(links thanks to Orrin)

I'm guessing that the pressure on Syria will soon include enthusiastic incursions by Iraqi units. That will be very cool. And will be a pay-off for the long slow process of educating Iraq, and holding things together while they learn to hate terrorists. Some people claim there was some better "plan," that would have produced a trouble-free occupation of Iraq if only the incompetent Bush Administration had followed it. I think that's malarky, and the Ba'athist terror campaign was going to happen no matter what. (For one thing, they were going to get encouragement from our vile press and lefties no matter what America did.) And I've spent a lifetime hearing every ill blamed by somebody on America. It's a habit with a lot of people.

But the pace of events is deliberately slow, because Iraqi democracy is intended to be an educational experience for the Arab world, and education takes time and patience. I predict that Iraqi poll workers will be helping out with Syrian elections in the not too distant future. But of course they need to get a few elections under their belts first.

It will take time for Iraqis to realize they are allied with the forces of freedom, in a worldwide war against terrorism/leftism. But things like this will drive the lesson home....
American comforts iraqi boy at suicide bombing
Photographer’s Mate 1st Class Alan D. Monyelle / U.S. Navy / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images
Army Capt. Daniel Hall comforts an Iraqi boy after a suicide car bomb attack in Tal Afar, Iraq, on Tuesday.
Army Times 10/14/05

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