October 14, 2005

"but zero from Democrats"

Major E, returned from Iraq, e-mails PowerLine, including the reaction to his offer to give talks on what he's seen....

....What has struck me the most is how starved people are to know what is really going on over there. So many are quite grateful to hear a different perspective than the one that bombards them daily. Having watched the biased reporting since the beginning of the conflict, I was not surprised to discover that people want a more balanced perspective, even if the intensity is stronger than I expected.

What has been surprising, though, and a bit disappointing, is that there has been a distinct split between the interest level of partisan political groups. I contacted county leadership for both Democrats and Republicans, along with non-partisan church and civic groups, and have received numerous requests from churches, non-partisan groups, and Republican organizations -- but zero from Democrats, despite following up with them several times....

They are being smart. If any lefties are reading this, you don't want to know! Trust me Comrade, you don't want to know the truth. It will spoil your breakfast latte, finding out that you have built your hopes and politics on a heap of lies. And it will take the glow off the next anti-war vigil, knowing that the people who actually know what''s going on consider you to be dupes and fools and "useful idiots."

Wretchard once wrote a splendid post, which I should find and quote. It was about how the Left used to have a disciplined and ruthless core of communists, and all the liberal fellow-travellers, hippies, pacifists, vegetarians and conspiracy-theorists were at the periphery, and were exploited as "useful fools." (And were oh-so-dead once the Revolution happened.) But now the core is gone, and the drooling screwballs ARE the Left.

And, bitter irony, the Western Left is now the "useful idiots," exploited by Islamists who despise every "progressive" cause there is.


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