October 13, 2005


Thanks to Michelle, for reminding us that this is the anniversary of the attack on the USS Cole. I hope, I devoutly hope, that as the good guys hunt and kill arhabi around the globe, they are collecting some scalps for the men who died on the Cole.

USS Cole on recovery ship
USS Cole on a Norwegian recovery ship. [link]

The Cole was named for Sergeant Darrell Samuel Cole, USMC. He enlisted on August 21, 1941, and was trained as a bugler. When war came, he repeatedly requested a combat assignment, but was refused because there was a shortage of buglers. But when the fighting started, he would jump in anyway -- he fought at Guadalcanal, Roi-Namur (Kwajalein), Saipan, and Iwo Jima, where he was killed, earning the Medal of Honor.

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