October 9, 2005

In the case of Miers v. Chattering Classes...

Dennis the Peasant has a good point about Miers. Actually several, but this one, about polling, makes sense...[ooops, that sounded wrong. They ALL make sense, I just liked this one]

...Ok, I feel better now. That said, where is this screed leading?

Right here: The biggest problem with the main stream media and the political blogosphere is that is lacks any sense of proportion. And because neither do, very often that lack of proportion helps doom it to irrelevancy with those who are not amongst the Chattering Classes. Such will be the case in the case of
Miers v. Chattering Classes.

Being full of themselves, both the main streamers and the bloggers missed the fact that something told Harry Reid and George Bush that, whatever their respective bases may want, what the majority of the citizenry do not want at this time is a big, nasty, bitter, partisan fight. That something is almost certainly polling.

Evidently those outside the Chattering Classes have decided that between Iraq, Katrina, and $60 oil, they’d prefer to see their elected officials focus on something other than trying to figure out where Harriet Miers is a closet lesbian who’s soft on abortion.

Go figure.

Expect to see everyone from George Will to Kevin Drum to draw a yawn from the masses. Expect to see Miers confirmed with roughly 65 votes.
Posted by John Weidner at October 9, 2005 4:22 PM
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