October 8, 2005

Awesome...Just awesome

One of the Blue Angels

It's Fleet Week here, and our friend Pam had her delightful annual party on her rooftop patio overlooking the bay, to watch the Blue Angels. They were, as always, stunning. Splendid. Awesome.

And as always, it's difficult to get good pictures of them with my digital camera. It's probably hard with any camera. Either they are dots against a blue sky, or they are close....but close they are moving so fast, you hear a roar and then KER-BLAM! They go right over our heads and then they are gone...

The Blue Angels against the Golden Gate Bridge
You want peace, talk to these guys. We call it Pax Americana. It's the only option available;
don't bother asking the hippies.

There's a bit more below...

Blue Angels
I would not want to watch these fellows perform if I were one of America's enemies...

We and our friends watch the Blue Angels
That's Charlene in pink, with Will behind her. The others are our friends
in the Thorpe family; Kathryn, Karina Payne, and their Grandmother Madeline Doran.

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