October 7, 2005

"Immediately denounced.." What worms they are.

Here's a snippet from the Washington Times article on Bush's speech:

....The president's speech was immediately denounced by Democrats. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts said it was "foolish for the president to brag openly about disrupting al Qaeda plots to attack us. His 'bring it on' attitude hasn't worked, and such statements can only goad al Qaeda into trying harder."...[Thanks to Orrin]

Can you imagine, can you even imagine Republicans instantly denouncing President Roosevelt for speaking defiance to the Nazis or the Japanese? "It was foolish for the president to brag openly about winning the Battle of Midway. His 'bring it on' attitude hasn't worked. Such statements can only goad Tojo into trying harder."

Those who side against their country in time of war deserve the lowest circle of Hell. And those, like Kennedy, who do so merely for short-term political gain, and without any principles, deserve to have a new circle of hell dug beneath the sub-bsement.

Perhaps the new circle could be modeled on some terrorist hell-hole. And when the secret police are dragging them off to be tortured and killed, their tiny brains may start to re-think their distaste for wicked fascist America. And the fatuous fools who called what happened at abu Ghraib "torture" might re-think their definitions as they being eaten alive by dogs or dissolved in acid, as the Ba'athists they support used to do. (They still do torture people, as we keep finding in places like Falluja, but now in more low-tech ways. Perhaps Cindy Sheehan should praise the inventive ingenuity of her "Freedom Fighters," who can support her cause even when reduced to humble tools like car batteries and whips.)

Posted by John Weidner at October 7, 2005 10:26 AM
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