October 5, 2005

The Paper Formerly Called The Paper Of Record...

I'm to busy to really blog, but here's something I liked. Dean writes, on the NYT:

....Their opinion columnists, with one or two brave exceptions, are shallow idiots. Their science reporting is steeped in political correctness. The old-school PC spin on every story involving weighty public matters is laughable. The way they treat red state America as a sort of bizarre alien specimen is painful. Their war reporting is hopelessly stuck in the Vietnam era. Indeed, what does it say about them that to get a positive story published on our troops' postive efforts and accomplishments in Iraq, someone at the Times had to sneak it into the sports section?

It all to me points to something rotton to the core of what we've come to call liberalism today. I'm not ashamed of the world liberal, it's not a dirty word and I'm proud to apply it to myself in many, many contexts. But the broad political movement known as "liberalism," epitomized by the worldview common to the New York Times, has become paint-by-numbers, predictable, kneejerk, pompous, and shallow. The great liberal philosopher John Stuart Mill once said of the conservatives of his day that they were people who didn't have ideas so much as irritable mental gestures that vaguely sought to resemble ideas. I can think of no better description than the worldview epitomized by the folks running the ship at the
New York Times.....

The absurdity that liberalism and the the NYT has become is encapsulated in the fact that they recently appointed a reporter to "cover" conservatives. What a joke! This is a conservative country with a conservative President, and they belatedly decide that one person might be spared to take notice of the phenomenon? And of course they didn't actually hire a conservative to report on conservatives; no, that would be just too too extreme. Sort of like chosing a Samoan to study the Samoans, instead of Margaret Mead.

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