October 2, 2005

Setting the tone...

Tigerhawk's report on General Petraeus' talk at Princeton is very worth reading...You will learn a lot from it. [Thanks to InstaPundit]

...Finally, Anne-Marie Slaughter asked the Abu Ghraib question – “what can we do, going forward, to acknowledge what we have to acknowledge but also to restore the values that we stand for in others eyes?”

Patraeus said that Abu Ghraib had been very damaging, but that there has been “an enormous change in the detainee operations piece... One of the lessons is that the most important job of a commander or leader is the setting of a tone. That sounds very simplistic, but in combat setting the right tone is hugely important.” I think we have gone back and looked very, very hard the tone we are setting. We have 29 operations lawyers
[Good God. - ed.]. Patraeus described a recent "very minor" incident, and "we brought in the lawyers, brought in the imams," to discuss it openly and resolve it. And we are doing things that seem unimportant to us, but which are very meaningful to Iraqis. One of the imams asked us to install clocks in the prison so that the prisoners would know when to pray, so we put in clocks.

“How do we portray our sincere desire to help? It is very challenging, because the other side is enormously skilled in information operations. In Fallujah, by the way, there were two broadcasting stations in addition to the car bomb factories and the arms caches. The enemy is very sophisticated."....

It is indicative of how utterly fraudulent and dishonest the Abu Ghraib critics were, and are, that they have not the slightest interest in noticing what's being done differently now. They all dribbled faux tears and claimed they were "ashamed of America." OK turkeys, how about taking a turn at being "proud of America?" No, that part never happens.

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