October 1, 2005

"when you see good things happening all the time..."

I liked this article, Reservist Says Protesters are Breaking Faith.

...But it doesn't work that way, says Vold. "I try not to take it personally. The reason I'm a Marine is to ensure this is a free country. But I don't think the protesters know the effect they're having on the soldiers. You're always tired, cold or hot, homesick. The last thing you need is a sense that people back home say your mission is doomed, when you see good things happening all the time."

Vold adds that antiwar rhetoric sometimes implicitly portrays soldiers as dupes on a fool's errand. "We volunteered to go to Iraq. The guys over there, who know the situation best, are re-enlisting in great numbers. Most of the guys I served with think this is the best thing America has done in our careers."

How did the Sheehan protest play in Iraq? Yesterday, I asked Vold's friend, Lt. Col. James MacVarish, an adviser to Iraqi troops in Fallujah. He told me in an e-mail that the Iraqis he works with believe such protests and the press they generate "play directly to the strengths of our mutual enemy." Iraqis "are absolutely astounded," he adds, "that we 'allow' that to continue." A few days ago, he had to give his Iraqi colleagues an hourlong civics lesson on freedom of the press.

MacVarish says that the terrorists can't win militarily. So their strategy is to make the U.S. and Iraqi people "bleed a little every day." They hope that the resulting media attention will turn the tide of American opinion against the war, and make the political cost of sustaining it too high. "The more play the press gives Cindy Sheehan," MacVarish concludes, "the better the terrorists' chances are of ultimately succeeding here."....

I suppose we must allow the press and the protesters the freedom to support terrorists. But they don't deserve that freedom. Our soldiers are fighting in Iraq to protect us, just as much as if they were right in your town shooting al Qaeda killers. Congress has committed our troops to battle, and all who support the Constitution have the duty to support our forces also.

Debate? Of course one can debate. But from within the context of warm-hearted support of those who risk their lives to defend us. The hate-filled attacks of the Sheehanites are nothing of the sort. And the cynical manipulation of the "news" by the Gasping Media, purging all the good news and serving as publicity agents for terror-bombers--that's nothing but treason.

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