September 28, 2005

Great man...

Charlene and I had a good time tonight at a Federalist Society meeting, with William Rusher as guest.

William Rusher

He had lots of great stories about being the publisher of National Review, and the early days of the conservative movement, and the years when he worked with Cliff White in the campaign to draft Goldwater to run in '64. He said he used to be Janus-faced back in the early days, as the only person among the intellectuals at National Review who actually had any knowledge of politics, and the one person among the political organizers who had contact with the "kooks."

One thing he said that I liked, is that the relationship of conservatives and the Republican Party is like the wine and the bottle. The wine needs a bottle to give it shape and hold it together, and the bottle needs the wine if it is to be of any use....

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