September 28, 2005

bitch bitch bitch...

Washington Times: President Bush yesterday made his seventh trip to the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast, prompting some Democrats to complain that he was doing too much after initially doing too little.

"The guy's been there enough times that he could register to vote," groused Bob Beckel, a Democratic political analyst. "I mean, enough is enough, OK?"

This week's edition of Newsweek critiques the president's performance with an article headlined, "First, a slow-footed response. Then: hyperactivity." Time magazine complained the president's frequent trips to the Gulf Coast are "making him look too cloying and calculating."...[Thanks to
Betsy N]

Gee, it must just be hell to be a Democrat these days. You get your "Bush is too remote from the problems" line out, and the very next day you have to switch to "Bush needs to stay away from the problems--how can anybody get any work done!"

And no sooner have your media allies mentioned for the 10,000th time that Bush is taking a 5-week vacation in Texas (ignoring all the trips and stuff he's been publicly doing the while) than you have to say that he ought to be doing work by teleconferencing!

But it's good news for Republicans, albeit annoying. Petty carping doesn't win elections. And in every recent crisis, one waits in vain for Dems to come up with some actual substantive contribution or better plan.

Posted by John Weidner at September 28, 2005 7:52 AM
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