September 27, 2005

"You should have higher aspirations for your son"

I don't like Senator McCain. So it seems fair to put up a bit of the pro-McCain case, which was posted by Rich Lowry at The Corner...

McCain is an ardent free trader. I’ve seen him make inroads with some voters who think China/India/Mexico are destroying the country. A mill worker in New Hampshire whose place of employment had closed shop, told McCain that free trade meant his son would never have the security he once had. McCain’s response: “You should have higher aspirations for your son than the same job you had. Trade helps make those aspirations possible.” Tough message. Tough crowd. He was applauded. He thought the steel tariffs were Bush’s first huge mistake.

He’s committed to Social Security reform that includes personal accounts. Were he the President, we’d be under no illusion that Democratic opposition would melt away, but he might have a little more luck making his case to the public and persuading a few Ds to go along.

His tax cut proposal in 2000, while about half as generous as Bush’s, was a half a trillion dollars. He wanted to use the rest of the surplus for substantial defense increases, and help pay much of the transition costs for SocSec personal accounts. I understand that’s not the supply side position. But it’s also not tax-and-spend liberalism....

....He’s a strong believer in robust nuclear energy industry – even beyond the 20% of the grid it now provides (but soon won’t).

He’s solid on tort reform. School vouchers. Pro-life. Against race based remedies. Other than gun-show loophole (not exactly a major move toward gun control), he’s solid on the 2nd amendment and voted against assault weapon ban....[there's more]

That's not bad stuff. The cons are, that's he's a member of the McCain Party, not the Republican Party. And the McCain-Media Movement, not the Conservative Movement. And he's old, and he's a Senator, and has never run anything. CFR is the abomination of our times, and his immigration stance stinks...and can we add Gang of 14...

Posted by John Weidner at September 27, 2005 2:16 PM
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