September 24, 2005

The usual bogosity...

Gateway Pundit has lots on the "anti-war" protests: "I thought this was going to be an Anti-Iraq War Rally but it's just a hodgepodge of extreme leftist groups taking turns at a microphone..." (Thanks to Rand)

Of course that's what the "anti-war" movement has been all along. They are utter frauds, and you won't see any of them get up early to protest any warlike violence that's against American or Israeli interests. Them wars are OK.

You also won't see them moving to anywhere where they are not protected by the US military. They all toddle off to their downy beds without worrying about anyone coming in the night to drag them off to torture dungeons. They are protected by the world's finest military, by thousands of nuclear warheads, by 12 Carrier Strike Groups, by police armed with deadly weapons. By the grownups. And then, like foolish children, they say "war never solved anything."

I just wish some of their little upscale neighborhoods could be invaded by "insurgents," to give them a taste of the medicine they are happy to let other people have. If Cindy Sheehan were about to have her head sawed off with a rusty knife, she'd start singing a different tune. "Why isn't Bush protecting us? Where's the army? Where are the Marines? Help!"

What's really disgusting is that the "anti-war" crowd claims to be motivated by "conscience," but they make damn sure it's other people who do all the suffering. They get to pose as moral-beings-purer-than-the-riffraff-who-drive-SUV's, while a few hundred-thousand Iraqis get to be shoveled into mass graves in the desert. Such a deal...

Posted by John Weidner at September 24, 2005 3:23 PM
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