September 20, 2005

Time's up...

Beldar points out (thanks to Rand) that the one-year Statute of Limitations is almost up, and it is time for Senator Kerry to sue the authors of Unfit for Command for defamation, or lose his chance. Since the book is full of "scurrilous lies" that have "already been debunked," what could the Senator be waiting for? Perhaps the fact that he was forced to retract one of his own lies might cause a certain embarrassment in the courtroom...

Actually, I don't blame the Senator for hoping the issue will just go away. Any politician would do the same, especially since the various accusations have not been "debunked. But I'm still filled with deep disgust for the way the Old Media automatically appointed itself part of the Kerry Campaign, and instantly went to work to try to hide the story.

Matthew Hoy recently wrote:

...The story that really turned me against the Times was the paper's hatchet job on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth last year. For weeks, the Times ignored their very existence and the impact it was having on Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign. Just when the silence reached deafening proportions, the paper ran a 100+ column inch story, complete with charts detailing the vast conspiracy behind the Swift Boat Vets. The Times smeared these men who had served their country through innuendo. It wasn't until the very end of the story -- somewhere around inch 120 -- that the Times bothered to report that at least one of the Swift Boat Vets charges, that Kerry had not spent Christmas in Cambodia in 1968, was true and that Kerry had disavowed that 35+ year old story. Of course, when deciding where to trim their story for an easier-to-handle abridged version for their news service subscribers, the truth of one of the Swift Boat Vets' charges was left on the cutting room floor.

The Times is a once-great newspaper and it would require a sea-change to return it to its former place of respect and admiration. The abandonment of a
committment to truth (or at least accuracy) on the editorial pages, is a sign that this turnaround won't be happening anytime soon.

On a lighter note: If anyone from any other newspaper is interested in hiring me to write for their editorial pages, then drop me a line and we can talk....
Posted by John Weidner at September 20, 2005 8:21 AM
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