September 15, 2005

alone in a bubble...

I'm too busy to blog, but Luciferous put a great comment into the wind-chimes post...
Once upon a time artists made beautiful things and drew from their culture to do so. People in the culture could appreciate the made object. The artist, culture, people, and beauty were connected. But later art became self-referential (Art for Art's sake.) and estranged from beauty, culture, and people. Alone in its self-created bubble it consumed the legacy capital of culture and connection and became deranged and deeply estranged. Now we come to the latest step - antagonism and outright hostility to the ambient culture.

The isolation of artists was never helpful for the culture because it denied it an expression of beauty. But the culture, coarsened, could limp along. Now artists are in direct and overt opposition and will never reconnect to the culture. The have become enemies, and must, for the survival of the culture, be treated as such.
Guantanamo Artist-In-Residence Program?

The world of books is not quite so bad, because many writers are still selling to the wide public. But the same thing exists, with writers joining, say, the "Manhattan literary elite," and never again writing anything people want to read (ie: Mailer)

Actually, you see the bubbles everywhere, if you stop to notice. Just look at the fashion world, chosing models who look like depraved drug addicts. Or judges who let criminals off on crazy technicalities--I have little doubt that in judicial in-groups that's considered wicked cool. Posted by John Weidner at September 15, 2005 10:19 AM
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