September 13, 2005

Praise this day...

I'm too busy and tired to write, but a comment I saw at this post at Gateway Pundit is just right...(Thanks to Glenn)

larwyn said...

Dear Jim, President Talabani was magnificent at the White House press conference today. He said "Thank you. Thank you, you GLORIOUS AMERICANS!" He credited President Bush for his courage and honored our military. You must get transcript.

It really made tears well up. He was very funny when asked about democracy. He said "We have all kinds of Democracy." He then clarified that to mean new freedoms and rights.

Please get the transcript. The Left Stream Media's take on the whole thing is that G. W. took responsibility for any failures by the Federal Government regarding Katrina response.

When truth all comes out, that will be very small part.

Praise this day. Roberts is slaying each dragon as it engages him.

Wonderful WH Press conference - Bush up to top speed.

Now cut screen shows Pres. Bush, Sec. Rice and that mean Amb. John Bolton entering UN. Kofi kowtowing. Bush magnanimous as usual. Why do we continue to misunderestimate him and his administration?

Bush taking the responsibility for Federal failures in Katrina, and not playing blame-games...He's a real man. The Democrats look like pygmies next to him.

Posted by John Weidner at September 13, 2005 5:14 PM
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