September 12, 2005

I.C.C. alone justified voting for Bush

This is what you get when you tolerate the sham called "International Law"...

Scotland Yard was thwarted yesterday in its attempt to seize a former senior Israeli army officer at Heathrow airport for alleged war crimes in occupied Palestinian lands after a British judge had issued a warrant for his arrest.

British detectives were waiting for retired Major General Doron Almog who was aboard an El Al flight which arrived from Israel yesterday. It is believed he was tipped off about his impending arrest while in the air and stayed on the plane to avoid capture until it flew back to Israel. Scotland Yard detectives were armed with a warrant naming Mr Almog as a war crimes suspect for offences that breached the Geneva conventions...(Thanks to Bill Quick)

What do you know. An Israeli. Of course. "International Law" is only intended to hurt America and Israel. If they thought they could get away with it, those British "judges" would be arresting Americans too.

And WHO, EXACTLY, gave the British "judge" jurisdiction over Israel? Who VOTED for this? Nobody, of course. "International Law" is not about to give any miserable moronic voters any say in what happens to them.

Almog's crime was bulldozing houses. But you could wait a million years before any "Palestinian" was arrested for shredding Jewish women and children with nails and shrapnel wrapped around dynamite. That's OK, because they are "freedom-fighters." But a Jew who retaliates against terrorists without killing or injuring anyone is a war criminal. Pfui. I can just imagine the leftists who shuddered with indescribable moral disgust at the bulldozing of Palestinian houses. Frauds. What will they say about the Palestinians who just today were looting and burning synagogues in Gaza? Nothing. "Freedom fighters" y'know. They get a free pass.

But hey, the Jew should be arrested; what an evil crime it is to deprive the Palestinians of "martyrs" by not killing them. He's sabotaging the propaganda machine that brings in billions in "aid." He's trying to starve the Palestinians to death! War Crime! War Crime! And, a million times worse than killing some towel-heads, he's depriving the world's lefties of the chance for moral preening and feeling smug superiority—and that's all they've got! He's trying to destroy them! War Crime!

Thank you thank you thank you President Bush for rejecting the abomination called the International Criminal Court. I hope you will consider any such arrests of Americans by kangaroo courts as acts of war, and respond accordingly. Israel should do the same, but of course they are in a position of weakness and must endure such injustices by "progressives" who hate Jews, freedom and democracy.

Posted by John Weidner at September 12, 2005 8:59 PM
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