September 12, 2005

More on possible Flu Pandemic...

When I was writing about a possible flu pandemic recently my good wife reminded me to check with my sister Jan. Well, duh. <smack forehead> She's an epidemiologist! (Janet McClure, nurse and epidemiologist BSN, MPH). I still think of her as a nurse, but she's in a doctoral program in epidemiology, and will soon be "my sister the doctor." </smack forehead>

She did not find my alarm in the least bit excessive. Quite the contrary...

...The reason this strain of flu is so worrisome is that it attacks the lung's microscopic air sacs and prevents exchange of oxygen and CO2. Modern medicine cannot solve this problem because ventilators can push air into the lungs but cannot  make oxygen go through lung membranes that are not functioning.

 If you read the letter at the end of the link you provided, you will read a description how rapidly healthly men became ill and died of what is called "air hunger".

The expectation by public health experts is that due to lack of preparation and the nature the most worrisome flu strains, there will be a collapse of the US commercial and healthcare infrastructure as there was in 1918. Many deaths will occur not from the flu but from lack of food, fuel, etc as there will not be sufficient people who are able, willing, and available to provide services such as banking, transportation and sale of  food, gasoline, medication and basic healthcare even for serious existing conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease etc. This is described in academic terms in the attached article p.590-1  " Social disruption, interruption of commerce, school closings, and public unrest are likely when many people are ill at the same time."...[link]

It's time to wake up and get ready! Make preparations. Be wise.

(Oh and by the way, I discovered she is ALSO a Vitamin C enthusiast)

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