September 10, 2005

We in trouble?

The previous post drew a comment from our friend Andrew:

FEMA is part of the Department of Homeland Security.
If New Orleans shows us how DHS responds to a terrorist attack, we�re in a lot of trouble.

Oh right, we're in trouble. The terrorists just need to find a target that falls instantly into squalid confusion, that blocks access to Red Cross supplies and to the people coming to repair the police radios, a place where most of the cops run away and the disaster plan isn't even tried, and a wretched and ignorant population is abandoned by its leaders. In short, something that falls apart at a touch. They will have difficulty finding another New Orleans.

Some terrorist trouble. Pfui.

This was one of the the worst natural disasters to hit America, something no terrorist could equal unless they have real nukes. And America coped very well. We've handled all the problems that came up, and we haven't even strained our economy. The big federal bureaucracies didn't shine, but that's not suprising. Corrupt Democrat-led areas didn't do well, but again, no surprise. Military, cops (except in NOLA), private business and charity all did well. Yet again no suprise. (Notice they are the ones lefties tend to dislike.) A huge swath of territory was devastated, but only NOLA fell into anarchy. And the ten-thousand corpses don't seem to be materializing, much to certain people's disappointment.

No, we are not in trouble. FEMA is not supposed to be the Angel Gabriel come to protect us. It is just a small agency that coordinates the activities of other groups, all of which will still exist without FEMA, and most of which performed very well. And the controversies are over things being done a day or two late. Most countries would still be organizing their efforts a week after the levees broke.

With the possible exception of New Orleans, which was already in deep decline and decay, the affected regions will recover soon, and probably prosper with all of our tax dollars that will be lavished on them. You call that trouble?

And DHS is mostly about preventing terrorist attacks, not responding to them. They confiscate nail clippers, and make sure no one crosses our borders without permission. We are definitely in trouble if they need to be relied on. Fortunately, they are NOT what prevents terror attacks.

Two things keep us from from another 9/11. The first is that we are attacking them, around the globe, and especially in Iraq. They are not thinking about winning, they are trying to prevent us from spreading democracy and freedom to the Moslem heartlands. They are on the defensive. we have the iniative.

And even more important, terror attacks are meant to manipulate people. They are meant to make a country flinch, and retreat, and lose its nerve. They are not a direct threat. We lose 40,000 Americans a year in automoblile accidents. Are we in "trouble?" Of course not. So if terrorists suddenly killed 40,000 of us, would we be in trouble? NO! Not unless we lost our nerve and gave them what they want. And Americans don't do that. What did we do after 9/11? We've launched one of the most abitious projects in human history; an attempt to transform the culture of a entire region. A stupifying response.

So imagine you are an Osama bin Laden type. Do you really feel enthusiastic about trying another 9/11? After what you reaped from the first one? Or do you go look for a softer target, say Madrid, or London. That's why there hasn't been another 9/11.

Posted by John Weidner at September 10, 2005 9:28 PM
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