September 7, 2005

Moral equiv.

Bill Quick writes:

I am sick and tired of windbag pontificators shrieking "A plague on both their houses." Conservatives and defenders of GWB did not start this brawl. We were not whining and weeping on national television that it was the feds' fault the locals refused to do their jobs. Conservatives in the blogosphere, in fact, were first out of the box organizing fundraising efforts. So why do fatuous, bilious, stupid bloviators continue to pretend that defending Bush against nearly baseless charges is exactly the same (and equally reprehensible) as the professional liars who instigated the battle, and mounted their first anti-Bush charges from atop stacks of NOLA corpses?
I can't add much to that, except I've seen it all my life. If the lefty side is too grotesquely bad to defend (remember the Soviet Union?) then they pompously declare that both sides are similarly rotten.

This has the added advantage of allowing them to pose as neutral "concerned citizens," who are "above the fray" and "shocked by the ugly rhetoric" and all that. Since the two sides usually are not equal, it's really just another way of lying...

Posted by John Weidner at September 7, 2005 10:29 AM
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