September 7, 2005

Not impressed....

Hillary Clinton talks the brave talk about "supporting the troops," but John Byrnes is a New York State guardsman, and isn't impressed.

.....Of course, I’m sure she had no plans to welcome them home anyway. At least that’s the treatment we got. I returned with the 2-108th In. in January. Upon our return we had re-deployment ceremony on January 2. This was the first NY Infantry battalion deployed to fight overseas in fifty years. We lost three brave soldiers and sent home a dozen more wounded. Clinton didn’t come. She didn’t send a representative. She couldn’t even be bothered sending a message to be read.

Again no surprise! She gave us the same snub before we deployed avoiding that ceremony in February of 2003, the same month she took a photo op in Afghanistan with the 10th....

.... have to wonder why we’re so invisible to her. She seems to LOVE the 10th Mountain. Maybe it’s because like her, they are essentially just visiting NY, passing through on the way to somewhere else. Hopefully a promotion! Is that why she ignores the real NY citizen soldiers? Because she’s over us already, on her way to a bigger better national constituency?....

Of course every politician has to fake things to some extant, it comes with the job. But the real person usually appears if you trouble to look. It would not be surprising if there were other groups that Hillary cares about, and finds the time and energy for. And I would sorta kinda guess that they are not..ummm...patriotic? I could be wrong.

One of the reasons I like the President and his wife is the stories that get passed around (Republican samizdat, you might say) of how they take time for people beyond what is needed for a photo-op. Here's one. I've never heard stuff like that about Kerry, or Hillary Clinton. Of course I may just not be listening on the right wavelength...But I think I would have heard something. And I probably would have blogged it.

Posted by John Weidner at September 7, 2005 7:31 AM
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