September 6, 2005


Domeblog is blogging the evacuees in Houston. Fascinating stuff...

Houston's Unified Command today announced that there's a "zoning plan" for what they're calling "Reliant City," which consists of four locations:

. Dome City 17,500 residents
. Center City 3,800 residents
. Arena City 2,300 residents
. George R. Brown City 1,300 residents

They say that with 24,900 total residents, the Reliant Park Complex is now the largest evacuation shelter in U.S. history.

They are planning to set up typical neighborhood amenities such as a Welcome Center, Banking Center, Reliant Town Square Park, Reliant City Medical Center, a Transit Center with Metro Transit Authority and HISD school bus stops.

The Reliant Town Square will include a playground, sports field and laundry facilities. The Salvation Army will construct several refreshment centers east of Dome City.

Construction completion goal is Friday.

According to the Harris County Department of Education, more than 4,000 school-aged children are expected to register this week and will start classes Sept. 12. (Thanks to

One interesting thing is a big effort starting up to find jobs for Katrina victims...

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