September 6, 2005

A strategy vs nothing...

Martin Devon writes:
..Iraq was a strategy for the war on terror. I know that the left never bought that and still doesn’t. That’s ok. The point is, Bush has a strategy and is executing it passionately. As we approach September 11th 2005 I STILL could not tell you what the hell the Dems’ strategy is to defeat the threat posed by radical Islam...
I bet in 2009 he will be able to write the exact same sentence. A strategy flows out of what you believe. To ask yourself what your strategy should be is to ask yourself what you believe.

The Republican strategy of fighting the roots of radical Islam by promoting democracy was actually hammered out during the Reagan Administration, when the Marcos regime in the Philippines was crumbling. We decided to abandon the Cold War strategy of fighting Communism by propping up anti-Communist authoritarian dictators, and instead encourage democracy movements. A risky choice between two conservative beliefs, one that has paid off hugely (Remember Latin American dictators? Not too thick on the ground these days.)

Democrats will not be able to choose a strategy, because they would have to define what they believe, and they don't believe in anything. They could not even denounce that loathsome spider Cindy Sheehan when she said that "America is not worth fighting for."

PS: Lyle has a good comment... Posted by John Weidner at September 6, 2005 8:48 AM
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