September 4, 2005

The Lefty Prayer...

Mike at Cold Fury writes:

Do you remember when the last Homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge, told us that to be prepared for emergencies, we should put together a readiness kit? I do. The kit layout is suggested at Ready.Gov. The portion of the kit for dealing with attacks and natural disasters should have, ideally, “at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food” and a corresponding amount of water - a gallon per day per person.

Yet when he announced the suggested measures that we all take to prepare for potential terror attacks or natural disasters, he was met with nothing but mockery. So much so, that his name is synonymous with duct tape - since that’s the only thing anybody in the MSM (or for that matter the lefty blogosphere) cared to discuss.

Thanks for undercutting it, my patriotic left wing friends, and calling it partisan scare mongering. What kind of a warped mind, can spin basic common sense as partisan bickering.

So answer me this, how many of the displaced persons in New Orleans secured a ready kit? If none, then why not? They can’t all be that poor - three days food and water is pretty cheap, especially if you’re buying the non-perishable staples (e.g. beans & stuff) recommended....

Mike has a Lonnnnnnng list of links of lefty fatheads heaping scorn on Ridge for suggesting that ordinary Americans should keep emergency supplies of food and water. The same FATHEADS who are now dumping on Bush because people in NO were suffering.

The deaths in NO are partly the fault of people like Atrios, Kos, Yglesias, Drum...When Ridge was pushing Preparedness Month, they scoffed that it was just politics. The press scoffed. Those people are murderers. They laughed their sophisticated heads off at the homely advice Ridge was giving.

They sneered and sneered. Especially they sneered at the duct tape. But, of course, any emergency kit should have duct tape; it's useful for a thousand and one simple chores and repairs. But that's all Lefties can do these days, sneer. They have nothing positive to offer to our society, or to the hard-working people who actually wrestle with life's messy problems. They are empty.

Their prayer is, "Please God don't let me get tangled up in the world's grubby ambiguous problems, where I might get cooties. Let me keep my moral superiority and stand forever on the sidelines and sneer."

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