September 4, 2005

Compare Biloxi and New Orleans...

DJ Drummond:

...A lot of attention has been focused on New Orleans this week, and given the number of victims there, that’s right. But people might consider that Mississippi got hit just as hard as Louisiana, and Biloxi as hard as New Orleans, but there has not been the looting, the violence, and the selfishness in Biloxi that we have seen in New Orleans. Granted, the flooding in New Orleans has made things very bad in sanitary terms, but the plain fact is, that Biloxi has done a great deal that we would all hope to see in our own towns, if such a disaster were to hit us.

For all the attention given to it, New Orleans is the exception, not the rule. I might be wrong, but a friend reminded me this week that in Mississippi, regular people have guns. In New Orleans, only the police and criminals do. It’s a fact that the Left will never admit out loud, but there is a virtue to Force, when it’s properly used.

The Left favors gun control. Always. All around the world. They claim they wish to prevent crime, but that's a lie--the criminals are never disarmed. They claim they want to prevent accidents, but that's a lie--they never show any interest in safety training for gun users.

They want guns banned because they want ordinary people to feel weak, and dependent on government.

The various recriminations were hearing about Katrina all kind of miss the same point. We are not Euro-sheep, we are AMERICANS! Before all else, we should be self-reliant. We should take care of ourselves and our neighbors. And governments, federal and local, should be encouraging that FIRST. [And I'm far from perfect in the self-reliance bit, but I did go out today and beef-up our emergency supplies a bit.]

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