September 4, 2005


Orrin Judd writes:
...Somehow in the Left's memory the urban riots of the late 60s became an event that shamed white America into realizing how badly even Northern blacks were being treated. In fact, what they did was end the civil rights movement, because they filled whites with both fear and contempt for the very people they felt they'd gone pretty far to help at great cost to the cohesiveness of society.

The Left has made a rather tone-deaf decision to try and cast the aftermath of Katrina as a racial issue even though such a theme can only backfire. White America doesn't look at looting in New Orleans and say, "My goodness, what have we driven them to?" We look at it and say, "What kind of people are they?"
Democrats have played the race card so many times, they are incapable of doing anything else. It's a tic. If they actually cared about poor blacks, they would be condemning the black criminals who prey upon them. Instead they gain black votes by telling the poor that everything is somebody else's fault, and that they deserve to be taken care of by government. Katrina may well set back Republican efforts to woo blacks. But Republican efforts are based on appeals to grown-ups, and probably will never resonate with the welfare underclass. On the other hand, blacks who work hard and want to get ahead will probably keep trending Republican. I noticed this bit by Andrea:
...I think the most sickening thing about this is the way some people are trying to make this into a race issue. I can tell you from personal experience on Wednesday morning at work the first conversation I got into with my coworkers about the situation in Louisiana, the first thing the two African-American coworkers I was talking to said was “this has nothing to do with race.” And they were upset at the media for latching onto every single instant that could be misconstrued into a “racism” angle...
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