September 3, 2005

...murders, and mounds of bodies lining the streets...

The poor shipwrecked souls of the Left, embittered refugees from the sunken Twentieth Century, are already trying to blame President Bush for the catastrophe of New Orleans. But as the facts come out, as the timelines are scrutinized, it isn't Bush and the Feds who are starting to look bad.

The National Guard was positioning supplies before the State of Louisiana requested their help. And Bush was apparently urging Gov. Blanco to evacuate NO even before the levees broke. And while I tend to fault the Bush Administration for over-reliance on giant bureaucracies, by bureaucratic standards the Feds moved pretty fast. (In 1992's Hurricane Andrew, it took nine days for the request for federal help to move through the bureaucracy.) And I predict that our military will exhibit none of the corruption and sheer stupidity of the NO police. [And I'm not saying there were not Federal failures. But they are being compared with perfection, not with what normally happens in disasters.]

On the other hand, the failure of the first line of defense, local government, is looking greater than ever. Our troops are moving into an area with the flavor of Darfur or Banda Aceh, rather than America. This is a quote from an e-mail posted at PowerLine:

...As for the response post-Katrina, on Monday everyone was breathing a sigh of relief that New Orleans was spared. Rescue efforts were being geared to the Mississippi and Alabama coasts where the population densities were higher than the marsh lands south east of New Orleans. It wasn't until the levies failed late Monday night and early Tuesday morning that there was a need for more extensive planning in New Orleans. After that it was the failure of the Mayor to quickly order a total evacuation, and the Governor's failure for not over-stepping him and ordering it herself that caused a crisis to turn into a catastrophe. Once the flooding was complete there was no way for the people left in the city to escape. Furthermore, it was the Mayor's and the Governor's fault for not mobilizing the Louisiana National Guard as early as Tuesday when it became apparent that the city was going to totally flood, and it was their fault that they also did not give orders to shoot-to-kill any looter stealing more than food, water, or shoes. In Mississippi the Governor almost immediately gave shoot-to-kill orders for looters. How many looting stories have made the news from Mississippi?

A very close friend's sister lived in New Orleans, stayed at her home through the hurricane and only made it out yesterday. On Wednesday she and her neighbor decided they had to leave even though their homes were in the 20% that didn't flood. They spent that day gathering what food and water they had, loading their guns, and testing possible routes out. On their second try they met up with two New Orleans police officers who at gun-point ordered them to return home telling them they "would not" help them. On Thursday, when they left, their SUV was mobbed by a huge crowd that tried to pull them out of their car and take it. Brandishing their guns they were able to escape. Along their route out of town they witnessed murders and mounds of bodies lining the streets. Had they not left I doubt they would have survived....

This, I think, is a dying spasm of the culture of welfare dependency, Democrat political machines, and the general corruption of Louisiana politics. Those problems won't go away of course, but they are dying in the sense that few people will be seeing them in the future as anything but pathological conditions.

And of course the Leftish appeasers instantly tried to use a hurricane to discredit the Iraq Campaign. They hate national defense, because it shines a spotlight on their greatest weakness--they no longer believe in anything enough to fight for it. But I think it is the "anti-war" movement that will be discredited. People will be seeing the splendid competence and professionalism of our military close-up. Our vile press can block positive stories from the War on Terror, but that will be harder to do in the streets of NO.

Posted by John Weidner at September 3, 2005 11:50 AM
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