August 19, 2005


David Frum writes,

...After the experience of the 1990s, few people retain an illusions about the likely character of any Palestinian state. The Palestinian leadership is corrupt through and through. The only effective opposition to that leadership is violent and extremist. Palestinian public opinion utterly rejects coexistence with Israel. A Palestinian state, whatever its borders, will wage terror war against Israel – and give sanctuary to Islamic extremists from around the world. It will murder Israelis and threaten the security of Europeans and Americans....

...In Charles Dickens’ novel David Copperfield there is a character who answers every request with a sigh: Ah, if it were up to him, he would of course say “yes” with pleasure – but his partner, Mr. Jorrocks,* is so very difficult ….. In just such a way, European and American political leaders favor a “peace process” that moves the Palestinians ever closer to statehood, without ever quite reaching it; a process that positions the Israelis as the Mr. Jorrocks of the world.

Ariel Sharon has decided to put an end to this play.

Sounds likely to me. "World leaders" don't really want the Palestinians to have a state, because that will quickly reveal the dishonesty of the world's favorite lie--that the twisted evil nature of the of the Palestinians is all the fault of Israel. And the so-called leaders of the Palestinians don't want a state either. Without it they can be thugs and hoodlums, plunder and destroy their own people, and get a free pass--it's all the fault of the Jews! But if they have a state they will have to actually lead, or be revealed as the blood-suckers they are.

And Western leftists and "liberals" don't want a Palestinian state, which is why they are so incensed about the "wall." As things are now they get a double treat. They can indulge their sick souls in endless orgies of Jew-bashing, and then congratulate themselves for "helping the oppressed."

Sharon wants to force the Palestinians to have their state. And then, you see, since the Palestinians' problems are all caused by evil Jews, those problems will all go away. Right?

Posted by John Weidner at August 19, 2005 10:37 PM
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