August 12, 2005

Do your Able Baker Charley's

Jim Garaghty is very good on Able Danger...

...The "Able Danger" revelation suggests that "the wall" was a suicide pact. That there was no point in anyone but the FBI doing counterterrorism work, because no one could communicate the information to anyone who could actually act on it. The policy, put in place by Gorelick, put a higher priority on ensuring legally-viable prosecutions than actually catching them before they act...

Suicide pact for Dems, maybe, I think. They had their chance to put their ideas into practice, and blew it.

We tend to think of a presidential race as being between two persons. That's a big mistake. You are actually voting for ten-thousand or so appointees also. Clinton may have run as a "New Democrat" (may really have been one) but it's not like there were these big cadres of New Dems for him to appoint. You elect Clinton, and you also get Gorelick.

It's STUPID to just vote for the person, for President. You are also electing a party philosophy, and a vast number of officials, some of whom will be the leaders of tomorrow. I find John McCain creepy and repellant, but if he's the Republican candidate, I will certainly vote for him. Because he has no choice but to appoint thousands of decent sensible and patriotic people to office. They are called Republicans, and he doesn't have any other option, he has to do some good work. Heck, I'd vote for Nixon if he came back. Bad President, but he brought many good men into government. He and his top guys are long gone, but Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney are still serving with distinction.

In the same way, a Democrat candidate may position himself (or, ahem, herself) as a moderate, a centrist, even a "churchgoer," or a "patriot." May even really be those things. It doesn't much matter! Because the Federal government will still have to be staffed with Democrats, and one thing recent history has made clear is that most of them are lefty loons of the Moore/Jimmy Carter flavor.

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