August 6, 2005

Try and try again...


August 3, 2005
Washington, D.C. - Personal accounts must be included in any Social Security changes developed in Congress, President Bush said Tuesday, and indicated he's looking at what could be a very long haul for the battle over the nation's retirement program.

"I know it took at least five years for an energy bill," Bush said while discussing Social Security during an interview at the White House with The Des Moines Register and seven other newspapers.

As for personal accounts, he said, "It needs to be part of the bill." The president said he stated his support for the voluntary personal accounts for younger workers during his campaigns in 2000 and 2004 and "I meant it."....

Yep. He means it. If he says it, it's true.

Think about it. All those liberal Democrats sitting around hugging themselves because they've defeated reform, and have managed to keep workers poor and weak and dependent on government and trapped in a rotten system. And next year, it's all to do over again! Ha ha ha.

It's just so cool having an honest straightforward guy as President. Remember Clinton? How he was supposed to be a "New Democrat?" Except for free trade, all that New Dem stuff just fizzled away. Campaign promises? You got to be kidding.

Whereas Bush is not only still pushing much of what he promised in 2000, he's also continuing with promises made when he was running for Governor of Texas... He doesn't always get what he hopes for of course, but he gets a lot more than most presidents, because he choses a few goals and sticks to them..

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