July 25, 2005

I drive a Ford...

Interesting article in the LAT, Parties Are Tracking Your Habits, on Republican Party skill at finding and targeting voters who are likely to change their affiliation.

...Bourbon drinkers are more likely to be Republicans; gin is a Democratic drink. Military history buffs are likely to be social conservatives. Volvos are preferred by Democrats; Ford and Chevy owners are more likely Republican. Phone customers who have call waiting lean heavily Republican.

Strategists said that cross-referencing such seemingly disparate data can produce powerful correlations — and draw a roadmap for targeting messages to specific voters. Where a voter lives, what car she drives and what magazines she reads are all used to predict her position on specific issues.

That approach was particularly effective for Republicans in New Mexico, where Bush gained 12 percentage points among Latinos in 2004, helping to secure his narrow victory there.

The GOP's micro-targeting advantage marks a historic shift, strategists said. Republicans traditionally faced a stiffer challenge finding their voters, who tended to live in rural and exurban areas, while Democratic voters were often concentrated in urban precincts....

Lots of people right now are day-dreaming of destroying Karl Rove, so they can go back to the world they once knew. Of course he's just one manifestation of a party that leads in thinking and planning. If he disappeared today, it wouldn't change things much.

Liberals certainly do drive Volvos (and drink Blix), we see them around here all the time, with their Kerry/Edwards stickers. They are probably showing their affinity for Sweden and the Euro-Socialist third-way experiment, which is going to "work" so much better (and more tastefully) than those chaotic free markets and unbridled greed. So 20th Century. Sooooo too late...

Posted by John Weidner at July 25, 2005 9:40 AM
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