July 24, 2005

Recruiting children...

From the Hindustan Times:

Fierce fighting in recent months has devastated the ranks of the Taliban, prompting the rebels to recruit children and force some families to provide one son to fight with them, a US commander said.

The fighting has fractured the Taliban's command structure, preventing the militants from regrouping, even though there has been an upsurge in violence, Maj. Gen. Jason Kamiya, the US military operational commander in Afghanistan, said in an interview on Saturday.

Despite the setback -- more than 500 rebels have been killed since March -- the militants are likely to step up attacks in the lead-up to crucial September 18 legislative elections, he said...(thanks to

Things to keep in mind. Wars escalate! Clausewitz pointed this out long ago. Typically wars do not get easier as you go along. The fighting is often most fierce just before one side collapses. (This was the pattern for us in the World Wars, and of course the Tet Offensive) Don't believe those who say that, since such-and-such fighting has not diminished, our leaders have lied about our successes. And once the enemy collapses, don't believe the inevitable lies about how they obviously never were much of a danger, so no credit is due for the victory.

Of course the difference is, that in past wars (except Vietnam) the people telling lies to try to hurt America were foreigners.

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