July 17, 2005

"Here, let me stick this knife in you"

Trey Jackson quotes John Podesta on Meet the Press, talking about the Plame affair:

Podesta: ....At the end of the day this isn't about Pres. Clinton, this is about the Bush WH, this is about the war in Iraq. This is about the fact that whether it's Dick Clarke or Joe Wilson or Gnl. Shinsheki or Max Cleland or Joe Wilson, the motus operandi is if you criticize this WH, if you suggest there is another point of view, you're attacked. You're smeared...

What a weasely cowardly thing to say. No, it was not about the "Bush WH," or about the war in Iraq. It was about very specific accusations that a White House official had committed a crime. And now that that line of attack is falling apart, now that the charges look more and more phony, do they apologize? Say they were wrong? NO, suddenly now it's "about the Bush White House." What the hell does that mean? Who knows?

But suppose I accuse you of a crime. Suppose I try to put you in jail, and gloat over visions of seeing you marched off in chains. And then when I don't have any evidence to back the accusation up, I say it's "really" about your rotten personality. Is that slimy, or what?

And suppose, when you point out that I'm making a false accusation, and refute me with logic and facts, I then whine and snivel that you're always "attacking" people, and "smearing" them just because they have "another point of view."

"Another point of view!" What amazing effrontery. "Here, let me stick this knife in you. Just my little point of view, you know. Just "suggesting" it."

What cowardly worms. Wormtongues. To try to nail someone on a charge amounting to treason [Google Rove+treason, see how many hits you get!] and then when somebody fights back with facts, to blubber that they are suppressing "other points of view." Yecccch. He forgot to add "censorship," "wrapping themselves in the flag," and "suppressing dissent."

Posted by John Weidner at July 17, 2005 6:45 PM
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