July 15, 2005

In other news, America is losing...

This sounds like an ordinary Iraq combat story, right? Not even news, since it doesn't make America look bad, right?

...While Tschiderer was relaying information to the truck commander of his M114 Humvee, an enemy sniper team prepared to engage him from inside of a cushioned silver van being used as a mobile sniper’s nest. This nest was lined with numerous bed mattresses to muffle the sound of a Dragonoff sniper rifle fired through a hole just big enough for the shooter to engage his target of choice.

Tschiderer was knocked to the ground from the sudden impact of the sniper’s bullet. The bullet only seemed to have fazed this Soldier as, adrenaline pumping, he sprang right back up in order to take cover and locate the enemy’s position...

What's different? YOU CAN WATCH IT HAPPEN! Here's the video.

I guess the snipers were doing the filming, to send as a little present for their pals in the mainstream media and the appeasement Democrat Party. Cue solemn-anchorman-voice-more-in-sorrow-then-in-anger: In other news, more evidence tonight that the Iraq war is a quagmire, as fresh insurgent troops defeat beleaguered dispirited American occupiers...

Actual result, our guys captured the scumbags, and Tschiderer was uninjured, due to his body armor. Not news.

Links to Army Times story, and long version PDF
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