July 15, 2005

Captain Queeg, remember him?

The Anchoress writes:

I think I wrote about a week ago my suspicions that the Karl Rove whirlwind was yet another Bushian “rope-a-dope.” The WH was too silent, and they were doing what they ALWAYS do - allowing the press and the Democrats to get wild, shrill, over-confident and over-the-top, and then allowing the cards to show...

Makes a lot of sense. You gotta figure the press/Dems will be attacking the White House over something. So why not lead them on to attack where you know you're in a strong position. Maybe, maybe, even a position where the real villain will turn out to be a reporter! How sweet.

Now you might say that it's a bit unfair for Br'er Rabbit to play so upon the dishonesty of Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear. But if the press was to do it's job, and try to report the truth (Ha ha ha, ain't I a card!) instead of constituting an anti-Bush hatchet squad, they wouldn't get into these little situations...

There's a comment I liked on her post too:

3. The Dems have become Captain Queeg, rolling the silver balls in their hands, rambling about Bushitler, Dick, Darth Vader, Cheney and Karl, the Emperor, Rove stealing the strawberries, I mean elections. They are madly searching for the “truth” and will look under every rock and in every corner until they find it.
Posted by John Weidner at July 15, 2005 8:25 AM
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